Sunday, May 6, 2012

Project #16

Project #13

I was in a group with one other person, so we found it easy to communicate, without using the phone or meeting in person. Google chat and video was the primary way we communicated with each other. Although we had a couple of schedule conflicts, we managed to pull it together. We haven't met yet to complete our final project, but we have already set a date to add the final touches on the project. Google chat and video are great tools to use and very user friendly.

Update: We finished our final project and scheduled to meet using Google chat. We didn't stray too far from using this because it was very efficient to meet with. Other than schedule conflicts, we are able to complete everything and meet on Google without a problem.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Project #15

Instead of doing Math on the SmartBoard, we decided to use handwriting because it will benefit both the students and the teacher like using it for role. I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts - Special Post #12a

my curiosity is my creativity on the way to discovery

Dr. Strange asked us a series of questions to answer on a later date. In this assignment, I am going to answer these questions.

1. Do schools in the United States systematically destroy (or inhibit) the development of curiosity and/or creativity in students? If yes, why does that happen? If no, how do you counter the argument of Sir Ken Robinson that schools do undermine the development of creativity in students?

Answer:Yes, because some teachers do not believe in allowing their students to be creative. They believe in just zooming through the curriculum and "teaching" the students rather than "educate"!

2. Can a curriculum be developed that increases the curiosity of students? If so, what would be the key components of such a curriculum?

Answer: You could create a curriculum as such, all you need is time and materials to be creative like art projects and videos, podcasts, and ask questions or better yet, get your students to ask questions by giving them hints throughout a lesson and then allow them to try and figure it out while asking questions.

3. Can a curriculum be developed that increases the creativity of students? If so, what would be the key components of such a curriculum?

Answer: The same as curiosity. All teacher need to do it take the books away and give them arts and crafts materials and projects. They also need technology with videos, computers, knowledge of websites to help brighten that creativity. Students also need the freedom to creative assignments while having the right technology.

4. Can a teacher's actions increase the curiosity of students? If so, what would be those actions?

Answer: Yes, make lessons fun and exciting! Have them want to learn it and educate your students through their creativity! If you give students the freedom to be creative about an assignment, the curiosity will appear on its' own.

5. Can a teacher's actions increase the creativity of students? If so, what would be those actions?

Answer:Yes, students have to complete assignments and assignments that are fun and that allow them to be creative will increase their students ability to be creative and think on their own. Also, it is always a good time to learn something new!

6. What would help you become more creative? What role would teachers and/or schools have in that process?

Answer: The right tools and my own creativity for art and technology will help. EDM310 helped me in finding tools that will help. My teachers could help by allowing me to do assignments and allowing me to be creative with my assignments. Schools need to be behind every teacher and supply them with the right materials to be creative!

7. What would help you become more curious? What role would teachers and/or schools have in that process?

Answer: Doing exactly what Dr. Strange has done for this class, allow the students to be creative, explore new things, and give the basics of an assignments and force us students to figure out how to do the assignment and allow us to actually do the assignment ourselves because if it was just taught to us, we wouldn't remember; I know I wouldn't.

Final Report On PLN

My Symbaloo PLN!


I have a home webmix with facebook,twitter, gmail, youtube, craigslist, ebay, etc. (personal things). For EDM310 webmix tab, I have blogger, Randy Pausch, Youtube, and the class blog. I then have EDU mentors/tools and that consists of a bunch of people on twitter, youtube, etc. and then I have picasa, dropbox, teacher guide to interactive games, google sketchup, ETV streamline,, math game times and others. I also have have one webmix that is just EDU tools and that consists of delicious, teachertube, moodle, viocethread, skype, twitter, OC S.T.E.M., and more. Finally, I have a games/toys webmix of just games and a Food/recipes webmix with food network, recipes and such on it.

Blog Post #13

two stick figures. One says, I have no technology1 and the other says, you may borrow my rabbit if you like

To start off, I have been without a cell phone for a little under a month now and it is very aggravating because if I need something or need to speak to someone while I am away from home, I can't. Also, if I break down or get into a wreck or some accident where I am injured, I cannot call 911 or anyone else because I have no cell phone. With that being said, I love watching T.V. and specific shows come on almost every night of the week. I also love to play games on facebook and check it every once in a while. I also like the convenience of email!

So, for this assignment, I went 24 hours without any of this(I picked a day that my shows were not on T.V.), no technology, and I found myself pulling weeds out of the flower beds, trimming hedges, cleaning house and much much more to occupy myself. I also hung out with a couple of friends later that evening since I couldn't watch T.V. and I called them from my house phone. It is hard to imagine how it was like before technology because even though this assignment allowed us to see how it is without technology, it is always surrounding us. Go to the store, you have to use technology to swipe your debit/credit card. Cashiers have to ring you up through the scanner and it pops up on the computer monitor. There is also technology in appliances now like the ice machine in your fridge. I used to wish I lived in the old days, but now that I see what it is like without technology and I see how technology makes our lives easier, I would not want to live before technology came around. I love technology!

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